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City sightseeing tour of Chernihiv "Ancient Chernihiv: legends and historical reality"

If you want to visit a city with 1300-years history, unique monuments from Old Rus time and Ukrainian cossack’s baroque, to dip to the world of legends, heroic epics, caves, ghosts and magnificent nature and also want your dreams come true, you need to come to Chernihiv! You are welcome!

9.00 – 11.00 – travelling from Kyiv to Chernihiv.

9.00 – 11.00 – English speaking tourist guide meet you in the Detinets (Rampart, ancient centre of Chernihiv). It will be an acquaintance with the city with 1300-years old’ history, the city of The Prince Chorniy (The Back), The Cherneg and “black” forests.

11.00 – 11.20 visiting of The Cathedral of Transfiguration of Our Saviour of the early XI century – the most ancient church in Ukraine, coeval of The Cathedral of Saint Sofia in Kyiv, the dynastic burial of Chernihiv princes.

The Cathedral was found by the first Chernihiv prince, who known according to The Tale of Bygone Years, Mstyslav Volodymyrovych, who have come to Chernihiv from Tmutorokan’ and have won his older brother Yaroslav The Wise in a battle of Lystven in 1024. After that in 1026 brothers divided Rus’ territory into 2 parts – The Right Bank of the Dnipro River with Kyiv was the part of Yaroslav and The Left Bank of the Dnipro River with Chernihiv was Mstyslav’ land. So, Mstyslav was building his prince yard and The Transfiguration Cathedral in a “heart” of the Rampart. The relicts of The Saint Ihor Olhovych, metropolitan Kostyantyn and Chernihiv priences were buried inside the cathedral.

11.30 – 12.00 – visiting of The Cathedral of Saints Borys and Hlib of the early XII century – dynastic burial of Chernihiv princes Davydovychi in a memory of the first saints of Kyiv Rus, brothers Borys and Hlib. It is museum now (entrance tickets – 15 hrn. for adults).

The Cathedral was built in 1120–1123 by Chernihiv prince Davyd Svyatoslavych, the sun of the Chernihiv princes dynasty founder, in which Davyd das buried. There are 56 kilo silver Holly Doors, which were made from pagan silver idol according to the Ivan Mazepa’s order inside the cathedral. The idol was found near the Cathedral in the early XVIII century. Saint Feodosiy, which was canonized after 200 years from his death, only in 1896, and Chernihiv and Novgorod-Siverskiy’ archbishop of XVII century Lazar’ Baranovych were buried in this church.

The most famous masterpiece in it are the fragments of the caps white screw thread of the Old Rus period (the so-called “Chernihiv Beats” image).Chernigov Ukraine Information Chernigov Ukraine Info Chernihov Information Chernigov Info Ukrain

You can see The Chernihiv Collegium near the cathedral, which was donated in 1700 by Ivan Mazepa. It was the first educational institution of higher level in the Left Bank Ukraine and it was made in the Ukrainian baroque style. Chernigov Collegium played a significant role in the spiritual life of the territory.

12.00 – 12.30 – walking along The Citadel of XI – ХVIIIth centuries.

You can count cannons and recognize a secret of the 13th cannon, admire architecture of The Cathedral of Saint Catherine – a talisman of Cossacks’ glory of XVIII century, which meets tourists from Kyiv and give domes shine.

Also you can enjoy picturesque countryside from the fortress’ back, the place, from which the city was beginning to take, admire one of the most clean European river, which was a pretendent in nomination of the 7 wonders of Ukraine, Desna River.

The regimental office, or The House of Ivan Mazepa, or Lizogub’s House of XVII century – the house with ghost of Motrya.

Church of St. Parascene, erected on the border of 12th-13th century by Petro Miloneg according to both Slavic and Byzantine traditions. It was built on Chernihiv trading quarter for merchant’s money.

12.40 – 13.15 – visiting The Eletskyi Assumption monastery of XII century – one of the most ancient monastery in Old Rus.

The monastery was found in 1060. According to the legend, Chernihiv prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavych had seen the icon of Blessed Virgin with a baby on your hands in the fear-tree, when the prince was hunting in the forest. Than Eletskaya miracle icon of Blessed Virgin had been written. Nowadays a copy of it situated inside The Assumption Church. Also you can see fragments of unique wall-paintings, which dates back to the XII century.

Leontyi Polubotok, the father of Pavlo Polubotok, Chernihiv dynasty of Cossack period Lyzoguby and the richest person of в ХVII – XVIII centuries on The Left Bank Ukraine Chernihiv regiment Vasyl’ Dunin-Borkovs’kyi (“Chernihiv Drakula”) were buried on the territory of the monastery.

All about those miracle facts you’ll have know after visiting Eletskyi monastery.

The Chorniy grave of the middle X century is a burial of the legendary funder of the city – Prince Chornyi. It is the biggest pagan grave from medieval period in the Central-Eastern Europe.

13.30 – 14.10 – visiting of The Anthony Caves monastic cave complex of ХІ – ХVIII centuries cave monastery, which was founded on the Boldin Hills by the founder of the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra Saint Anthony, which was birn in Lyubech in Chernihiv land (the territory of Chernihiv principality (entrance tickets for adults cost 15 gr.).

You can discover underground passages, visit 3 underground churches and also the place, where monks were buried in XII century, see a ghost, make a wish, check existence of the underground road to Kyiv Cave monastery from Anthony Caves and also imagine yourself as a medieval monk.

You will have unique opportunity to taste and take with you some blessed water from Anthony’ well.

14.00 – 14.10 – visiting of Elliya’s Church, which was erected, according to the legend, in 1069 by prince Svyatoslav. Nowadays it is a museum, which shows archeological excavations on the territory of the monastery and history of reconstructions.

14.10 – 14.30 – walking along Boldin Hills – ancient pagan necropolis of IX – X centuries. The Boldin Hills were the place of pagan shrine of God Perun (The God of lightning and thunder). There are the grave of Mihailo Kotsyubynskiy and his wife Vira Deisha and also the grave of Opanas Markovych. Make a wish in bower of the dreams and get to know who was buried in the big pagan barrow Gul’bysche, see Memorial of the Glory and Eternity Flame and also panorama to Leskovitsa and Detinets.

14.35 – 15.00 – Visiting of The Trinity Cathedral of XVII century, which were buried relicts of Saint Feodosiy, Filaret and Lavrentiy. They had protected Chernihiv from the radiation after Chernobyl disaster. They help people getting better.

There are the burial of Ukrainian poet Hlibov and Russian diplomat Scherbina in the territory of the monastery.

The Bell-Tower of the XVIII century (ticket – 2 gr.). Also you cal admire picturesque cityview in the top of the bell-tower, which height is 56 metres.

Road to Kyiv or arrive to home.

See you next time!

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