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City sightseeing tour of Sedniv "From chronical Snovesk to modern Sedniv"

Haven’t you known up to now, where Chernihiv prince with 3000 men-at-arms won 12000 Cumans, haven’t ever been inside wooden church, which was made without nail, haven’t known, where and how was shooting a soviet film “Viy”, haven’t seen “symmetric” church, haven’t admired cleanest Snov River and haven’t ever been at a school-palace? You need to visit Sedniv, which is situated on 25 km from Chernihiv!

10.00 – 10.30 – the road from Chernihiv to Sedniv.
You’ll get to know, what kind of settlements were situated in pre-historical time between Chernihiv and Sedniv (chronical Snovesk).
10.25. – 10.30. – the entrance to Sedniv. You can see 4 pagan barrows from Old Rus epoch.
10.30. – 11.00 – walking along Citadel of the chronical Snovesk – the plot of land Koronnyi Zamok. You’ll get to know, why chronical Snovesk is famous for, when and why Snovesk became Sedniv.
The central street Kazatskaya crossing through the country council school of the end of XIX th century.
On a corner of Koronnyi Zamok you can see fragments of ramparts and graffes and also bastions.
On the territory of Koronnyi Zamok is situated wooden The Cathedral of Saint George.
11.00 – 11.30 – visiting The Cathedral of Saint George of the early XVIII th century. According to a legend, it was appeared on the place of a pre-Mongolean period’ church. It was reconstructed for three times, but saved architectural forms from Ukrainian Cossacks baroque. The Cathedral is famous for the shooting a central scenes of the “Viy”.
11.30 – 12.00 – moving and visiting of the dynastic burial of Chernihiv colonels Lizoguby, which is The Host Resurrection Cathedral of the end of XVII th century. The Cathedral is symmetric from all sides. Members of the Lizogub dinasty were buried in the crypts inside the cathedral. Its mummies were saved, but there is only one burial today inside it.
A territory around the church used as a churchyard.
12.00 – 12.20 – seeing of the panorama of Snov River opposite The stone house of Lizogub of XVIII century, which is one of the most picturesque place of Sedniv.
12.30 – 12.40 – walking along the territory of a new Sedniv school. It looks like a landlord palace of ХIX th century. The monument of Fedor Lizogub near the entrance to the school.
12.40 – 13.30 – walking along the territory of the Lizogub estate.
You can see Batyi rampart of X th century, the bridge of XIX th across the graff and also a remains of a system, which made provision of a water from Snov, chestnut alley, The Stone house of Lizogub of ХIX th century (was a school) with house church, the monument of young Taras Shevchenko near, «Таras’ linnes», under which the poet liked writing and drawing, when he came to Sedniv to visit Lizoguby, a portrait sculpture of Shevchenko and a complex of monuments of Andrey and Illia Lizoguby, Andrey Kazka (local poet).
Staying near the monument of Leonid Glibov, a famous Ukrainian poet and fable writer, and seeing of a bower of Glibov on the hill above Snov. Unforgettable views of Snov from a bower, in which the poet liked writing his immortal publications.
13.40 – seating in a bus.
14.00 – arriving to Chernihiv.
14.00 – 14.30 – the road from Sednev to Chernihiv.

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